Kansas BTW Events 2017

SEK 4 Corners Trike-in: June 23th - 25th Coffeyville, Ks. For more information check out their chapter facebook page link below. Also the flyer will be updated to the 2017 event ASAP. So please check back often!

ECKS Annual Picnic: Scheduled this year for April 29th, at Wellsville, KS. For more information on this event, Contact East Central Chapter Director: John Privett
Cell Phone: 785-248-3867
Email: j-jprivett @ sbcglobal.net

Open Prairie Trikers: For more in-depth information concerning OPT's chapter, please visit their website,www.opt-btw.org, which is continually being updated. And to be more connected with that chapter's current events and activities, visit their facebook page link below!

Kansas State BTW Trike-in: The 14th 2017 Annual Kansas BTW State Trike-in will be held at the Community Building, Garnett, KS. September 15th-17th. For more information concerning event, contact Kansas Director. (Facebook & email link top of page)(BR)

Neighboring BTW Events 2017

Nebraska State Trike-in: Aug 19th-20th, Wilber Nebraska
For more information contact:
Connie or Butch Maas - 402-821-2287 cobumaas@yahoo.com

Missouri: For more information contact:
Jerry "Paw" Ducker - 417-761-9864 ozarkmtnpaw@cebridge.net

Colorado:For more information contact:
Bill Haskett - 719-598-5531 bhaskett@aol.com
Kathy Haskett - 719-550-6797 khaskett@ent.com

National BTW Events 2017

Central States Regional BTW Trike-in: June 7th - 10th, Harrison, Arkansas. For more information, go to the Central States Regional facebook link below or contact Cathy "Cat" Schoubroeck, the primary contact for this event.

Harrison, Arkansas website: Very informative invitation to their city with many interesting activities!

Buffalo National River: Anyone interested in canoeing & doing a group float trip!

For more information contact:
Cathy "Cat" Schoubroeck - 870-715-9507
Other contacts for this event would include:
Stan Morrow - 832-381-4036
Wayne Shankle - 870-577-7171

BTW National Trike-in: July 13th - 16th, 2017 Dodge City, KS.
Actually there will be things to do and rides scheduled all week, however the main event is from the 13th - 16th. Just know, that we're going to have a great time in Dodge this year! For more information, go to the National BTW website link or Check out the National BTW facebook page link below.