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The Kansas BTW is organized from the by-laws of the National BTW Corporation By-Laws. Kansas BTW has gone a step further and created state level by-laws. To further organize, the state of Kansas has local BTW Chapters that also operate under chapter by-laws provided by National BTW and then modified to meet each chapters individual needs.

Kansas BTW By-Laws

Voted in unanimously 04/18/09


The name by which this State/Area of BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL, herein known as BTW, shall be known is (KANSAS), herein known as the State/Area.


The specific purpose of the State/Area will be to carry out the purposes spelled out in the BTW By-Laws, as well as other purposes listed below.

(A) To unite all Chapters and independent members of BTW within a specific state/area.

(B) To hold regularly scheduled meetings in order to keep the membership informed and to receive input from the membership.

(1)The state/area shall hold at least one state meeting per year to conduct business of the state/area such as election of officers.

(2) State/Area meetings will be called by the State/Area Director with notification to the State/Area members as determined by the State/Area Roster not less than 30 days prior to the meeting.

(C) To plan State/Area events and conduct other State/Area business that the members deem necessary.


Membership in the State/Area shall be open to anyone who is a member of BTW in good standing that resides in the state/area. The state/area membership roster shall be produced by the Chairman of the Corporation and made available to State/Area and Chapter Directors. This roster shall allow the members listed on it voting rights within the state/area. BTW does not discriminate in any manner. All decision making power shall be vested in the membership. No officer shall make decisions, involving the State/Area without State/Area member approval. As a courtesy to new members being added to the state/area roster they will receive notification either by mail, email or phone of the existence of state/area by laws for the purpose of education.

(A) Good standing shall mean that all appropriate dues have been paid to the corporation and there has not been a vote taken at any BTW level to revoke the membership.

(B) Amended 04/06/2013

(B) State/Area dues may not be assessed by the State/Area as a condition of membership.

(1) State/Area may collect a special assessment from members wishing to receive a State/Area Newsletter. This assessment will include Life Members residing in the state/area who are exempt from other dues and also BTW members residing outside of the state/area if they wish to receive a state/area newsletter.

(a) The amount of the special assessment will be determined by a majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting not less than 30 days after written notice of the proposed assessment. (Current assessment in place as of 2/24/2013 is $15 per household per calendar year.)

(a1) The assessment is due by the 15th of March and is to be paid to the Ks BTW State Treasurer.

(a2) The assessment cost for the newsletter will be per household per calendar year.

(a3) The amount of the assessment may be adjusted by a vote of the membership at the annual Ks. BTW State meeting by a majority vote of the members in attendance without further notice to members.

(a4) Any assessment above the cost of the newsletter may be used to fund other state/area activities and events.

(2) The payment of this assessment will generate a mailing roster for the state/area newsletter.

(a) The mailing roster may be adjusted by majority vote of the officers of Kansas BTW on an as needed basis, in order to notify the total membership of notices, events and updates.

(b) The mailing roster may also include nearby area directors to promote state/area events

(C) There shall be no probationary period for new members. Every member is equal and entitled to the full benefits of members without time constraints.

(D) Nothing within these by-laws shall be interpreted that anything is mandatory, or required of a member. That shall include the wearing, or not wearing, of the BTW patch at any time or place, membership in chapters of the state/area, receiving a newsletter from the state/area, or attendance at any meeting or event.

(E). Membership in the State/Area may be revoked only by following the Membership Grievance Process & Resolution as set forth in the by laws of the corporation. Only the Chairman may remove a member from the State/Area Roster.


State/Area meetings shall be held at a time and place established by the State Director or the membership with a minimum of 1 meeting a year. Notification of any changes in times or places will be sent out to all members of the State/Area by mail, email or phone. Attendance at meetings and events by members is not mandatory and is not required.


The officers of the State/Area shall include the Director, Assistant Director, Treasure, Secretary, Road Captain, Sergeant at Arms, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster and Historian; and whatever other officers the membership of the State/Area deems necessary. No State/Area officer shall use the term “President” in their title.

(A) Director:

The Director shall act as the Corporation’s liaison at the State/Area level, shall problem solve at the chapter and state/area level as set forth in the BTW By Laws and forward problems unresolved at the Chapter or State/Area levels to the Regional Director for resolution, shall oversee all meetings of the State/Area; shall conduct all State/Area business; shall be responsible for or cause notifying the membership of the time and place of all meetings at least 30 days prior to a meeting; shall be responsible for holding at least one State/Area event each calendar year; shall collect or cause to be collected all funds that have been accessed by the State/Area; shall be responsible to oversee all disbursement of funds owed by the State/Area; shall cause the State/Area news to be forwarded to the BTW Headquarters for publishing; may establish committees as are necessary or appropriate to promote or carry out the purposes of State/Area and shall serve as an Ex Officio Member of all State/Area committees and shall perform other such duties that are inherent to the running of the State/Area.

(1) Event for the purpose of this duty may be defined as little as a state meeting to as large as the imagination.

(B) Assistant Director:

Shall assist the Director in his/her duties and shall serve as Director in the absence of the Director.

(C) Secretary:

Shall keep written records of all State/Area meetings and perform other such duties as the State/Area deems necessary. In the absence of both the Director and Assistant Director, the Secretary shall chair all meetings.

(D) Treasurer:

Shall be in charge of the handling of all State/Area funds, shall collect and disburse any monies owed by the State/Area or to the State/Area and shall maintain a bank account with at least one other state/area member on the account, especially for State/Area funds. The Treasure shall maintain a financial record of all funds that is open to any member at their request and may be published as the State/Area Director or Treasurer deems necessary. The Treasure may authorize expenses up to $99.99. Any expenses between $100.00 and $349.99 must have approval of a majority of the elected officers. Expenses over the amount $350.00 must be presented to the membership in a State/Area meeting for approval. Approval will consist of a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

(E) Sergeant at Arms:

Shall call all meetings to order and see that they are run in an orderly and proper manner.

(F) Road Captain:

Shall be responsible for leading all State/Area runs and shall assist the Director in the setting up of State/Area events.

(G) Newsletter Editor:

Shall prepare and cause to be printed and mailed the State/Area newsletter. The Editor shall maintain a State/Area mailing roster to be updated prior to the mailing of each State/Area Newsletter. May collect funds for advertising/sponsorship in or of the state/area newsletter and forward the funds to the treasure for use by the state/area

(H) State Webmaster:

Shall establish and maintain a State/Area website for the purpose of posting information deemed appropriate and/or necessary to the state membership.

(1) Costs for the domain name will be forwarded to the treasure for payment by the state/area.

(I) State Historian: Amended 04/06/2013

The Historian is to maintain BTW history (Past Events) of the state/area for posting/or cause to be posted on the Kansas BTW website, as well as any hardcopies to be archived. When the Historians term of office expires or upon resignation, any and all archived documents shall be surrendered to the Kansas State Director. This shall also include deceased Kansas BTW member’s pictures and obituaries when possible.

(J) Temporary or Interim Directors:

As the need arises, a temporary or interim director or contact may be appointed by either BTW headquarters, or by the Regional Director as they see fit. The term of the temporary or interim director shall end at such time that an elected director is selected to replace him/her.


State/Area Chapter officers will be elected at a scheduled meeting of the State/Area.

(A) Notification of Elections: All members of the State/Area must be notified of any upcoming election at least 30 days before the election is held. This notification shall include a listing of all offices being voted on. Notification can be by postal mail, e-mail or phone.

(B) Qualification: Any member in good standing with BTW and living in the state/area will be eligible to seek and hold an office. Good standing shall mean that the member’s membership has not been revoked by BTW and that all appropriate dues have been paid.

(C) Term of Office: All officers will be elected for a term of at 2 years, except in the case of an officer resigning, not being able to carry out his or her duties or being terminated by the membership, in which case the State/Area Director may appoint a temporary or interim officer until a special election can be held or the next regular election. Upon an appointment or special election the newly elected officer will serve the duration of the term of the officer he or she is replacing. Any officer may be re-elected for consecutive terms.

(D) Disputes: Any dispute arising from the election of officers, and cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Members of the State/Area, will be handled by the BTW Regional Director. If the Regional Director is unable to resolve the issue, the Regional Director will take it before the Board of Directors for review and final determination.

(E) Recall: Any officer may be recalled by a vote of the membership.

(1) Just Cause: Causes for a recall shall include, but not limited to, neglect of duties, actions detrimental to the good name of the State/Area or non-payment of BTW dues. Any member who is found not to be in good standing with BTW will be automatically recalled without a vote being taken.

(2) Procedure: A motion made and seconded at a meeting will be just cause to hold a recall vote. This vote shall be taken at a second meeting, which shall be held in no less than 30 days.

(3) Notice: The officer and all members of the State/Area will be notified, in writing, of the recall vote being taken and of the meeting date, time, and place. A brief description of the alleged charges against the officer shall be included.

(4) Appearance: Any officer being recalled will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the membership and answer the charges made against him or her before a vote is taken.


(A) All funds belonging to the State/Area shall be recorded in a ledger and kept in a special bank account set up for that purpose.

(1) Records: A complete record shall be kept of all finances by the Director or by the Treasurer.

(2) Financial Report: The State/Area’s financial report shall be open to any member desiring to see it and shall be published at such times as the State/Area decides.

(3) Disbursements: All State/Area funds shall be disbursed by the Treasurer.

(4) Use of funds: No funds belonging to the State/Area shall be used by any member or officer for his or her own personal use, without the prior approval of the membership.

Article VIII. Amendments

Amended 04/06/2013

All members of the State/Area will be notified in writing of the proposed amendment. A vote shall be taken of the changes not less than 30 days from notification. There must be a majority vote by members present for any amendments to be approved. Notification in writing may be considered accomplished through any of these means: Posting on the State/Area Website, postal mail, email, phone, and/or Chapter meetings.