Kansas BTW Group Rides Guidelines

1. Disclaimer

a. Kansas BTW, any officer, member, or sponsor is not liable for any loss of property or life as a result of using or following these "Guidelines". These are only guidelines and each participant, rider, or member is totally responsible for his or her own personal safety and actions at all times.

b. No alcohol is to be consumed B4 or during any ride.

c. Roadguards will only be used in extreme circumstances as it is against the law to block an intersection in Kansas.

2. Ride Captain

a. Will preplan routes & provide a copy to participants of the ride showing route and planned rest stops. If no copy is available a final destination will be announced B4 departure.

b. Will select a staging area from which to start the ride.

c. Will be the lead rider and appoint a sweep rider for the group.

d. Will set a safe and reasonable speed for the group.

e. Will find a safe place to regroup if riders get too strung out.

3. Sweep rider

a. Will be the last rider of the group and make sure no rider is left behind.

b. If a rider drops out of the ride the Sweep rider will stop to assist.

4. The Group

a. Make sure you have a full tank of gas B4 starting rides.

b. Keep safe spacing between trikes (2-3 second rule is good to remember)

c. Keep pace with the group or a "SLINKY" effect will occur.

d. If the rider behind you gets delayed at an intersection for any reason wait for him or her at the next turn.

e. If you fall behind do not speed to catch up with the group.

f. if you have to make a U turn do so with extreme caution.

g. If you plan to leave the ride notify the Sweep rider or he will assume you are having trouble.

h. Be alert at all times and remember we are not alone out there on the road and other vehicles have the same rights as we.